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Spring Break Camps


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Fairytale Friends

Welcome to "Fairytale Friends" – a captivating dance camp where enchantment and creativity come to life! Immerse your child in the magical world of fairytales through a week filled with crafts, dance, and play. Each day promises a journey of imagination and wonder as your child explores the realms of classic fairytales.


Activities Include:

Crafting Magical Creations:

Let the magic begin with daily crafting sessions! Your child will have the opportunity to create fairy wings, magic wands, and other enchanting crafts that will bring their fairytale dreams to life.

Dance Adventures:

Get ready to dance through the pages of fairytales! Each day, campers will learn dance routines inspired by iconic fairytale characters, fostering movement, expression, and a sense of wonder.

Play in the Fairytale Kingdom:

Through imaginative play, campers will step into the shoes of their favorite fairytale characters. Whether it's a knight, princess, or magical creature, they'll engage in themed activities that transport them to a world of whimsy and delight.

Royal Ball Performance:

The grand finale awaits as campers prepare for a sweet and enchanting performance at the Royal Ball on the last day. Dressed in their crafted fairy wings and armed with magic wands, they'll showcase their newfound dance skills and create a magical moment for all.

March 18th-22nd

Ages 3-5



Barbie & Ken's
Ultimate Spring Break Camp

Welcome to "Barbie and Ken's Ultimate Spring Break Camp" – an imaginative journey for kids to explore the performing arts during Spring Break! This camp is crafted to offer a vibrant mix of activities, fostering self-expression, teamwork, and, most importantly, heaps of fun. Campers will embark on an exploration of dance, filmmaking, and live performance, discovering and honing their talents in a supportive and dynamic environment.


Activities Include:

Dance Exploration:

Campers will immerse themselves in the world of dance, learning various styles and techniques. From energetic hip-hop to graceful contemporary moves, they'll express themselves through the art of dance.

Filmmaking Adventure:

Lights, camera, action! Campers will delve into the exciting realm of filmmaking. From crafting compelling scripts to bringing stories to life on camera, they'll get hands-on experience in every aspect of the production process.

Live Performance Prep:

Unleash the performer within! Through rehearsals and workshops, campers will prepare for a spectacular live performance on the final day. This could include dance routines, short skits, or a combination of talents.


Shining Stars Showcase:

The grand finale awaits! On the last day, families are invited to witness the dazzling talents of our campers in the "Shining Stars Showcase." It's a red carpet event where campers' visions come to life, and their hard work culminates in a live performance and sneak peek of their original film. 

March 18th-22nd

Ages 6-10



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