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The Team

Evolution Team


Meghan Reyes


Meghan Reyes comes with over 20 years of experience as a dance educator, community leader, choreographer, and dancer. After graduating high school, Meghan moved to Los Angeles where she was accepted into the prestigious Edge Performing Arts Center scholarship program and worked directly with choreographers such as Mandy Moore, Adam Parson, Malaya, Terri Best, Eddie Garcia, Nappytabs, the late Gregg Russel and many more.

After dancing professionally for 8 years, Meghan founded Fusion Dance Project with her husband Tito in Hayward, CA. For 13 years, Meghan and Tito had the privilege to help shape and train over 1500 dancers of all ages, creating an award-winning competitive program and unique stage productions that fuse together all genres of dance.

As an educator, Meghan brings anatomy focused technical training to a positive mindset based on self- love. She creates a safe environment to explore individual talents and challenges. Although Meghan is known for her expertise in Tap, she also specializes in Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary and Character dance giving her a unique ability to train versatile dance artists. 


“My classes provide opportunities for connection, self exploration, technique, and most of all fun! I strive to build a trusting relationship with my students so that I can guide them to see and achieve their potential. I want my students to walk away from my classroom feeling seen, challenged, accepted and ready to face anything. The laughs along the way are just a bonus!”

Tito Reyes


Before coming to MAPA with his wife Meghan in 2022, Tito enjoyed a diverse career that included ballet and contemporary companies , Broadway National Tours, ‘Ulalena here on Maui, and 13 years co-directing his family dance studio, Fusion Dance Project in Hayward, CA. 

He was first introduced to dance at the age of 8 through break dancing in his hometown of Santa Maria, CA. There he learned how to pop, animate, tut, wave, and lock with one of the first California breakdance crews “West Coast Crew”. At 11 he was introduced to Ballet, Jazz, Modern, and Theatrical Dance which eventually led to him receiving a full scholarship to attend The Joffrey Ballet School at age 13. Other notable companies he has trained with include Pittsburgh Ballet Theater, San Francisco Ballet, Edge Performing Arts Center, Steps on Broadway and Broadway Dance Center.

“In my classes, I use dance as a platform to teach my students how to face life with confidence, efficiency and problem solving. With my knowledge and experience, I am excited to shape our artists of all ages to be open to creative ideas, strengthen their technical base, and communicate diverse storytelling in their movement.”


Kathleen Shultz

Teaching Artist

I have studied modern dance with Martha Graham in New York, jazz with Roland Dupree in Los Angeles and ballet with Nico Cerese in Los Angeles. I have taught dance and performed nationwide. I have also had the pleasure of teaching and choreographing on Maui for over 32 years. In the past 19 years I have served as the Dance Director and Head Costumier with MAPA.


My intention is to have students feel safe to explore emotions through movement by creating an atmosphere that is both encouraging and uplifting. I believe that teaching with positive communication and a joyful heart helps to unlock each student's own creative voice.

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